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Different is beautiful! Diversity creates us!



The IDEC2024 organizing team consists of approximately 30 to 40 members with an average age of 25. The team comprises both students and educators, all with different educational experiences. Some have been in the education field for many years, while others are just beginning their journey. There are members from different organizations, including Humanity School, Holistic School, Zhanfu Academy, Beaversophy Education, and Seedling Experimental Elementary School. In addition, there are also freelancers, teachers in training, research students, university students, individual homeschooling students, and a single mother passionate about IDEC. Apart from Taiwanese citizens, we also have wonderful partners from abroad who have so kindly assisted us, including Marko from Finland, and Sophia from the Tutorial School in the USA.

Our members are from different places and different lines of work, all joining together due to their interest and passion towards IDEC and democratic education. Therefore, the majority of work and communication takes place online, with the occasional in-person gatherings. We use different platforms, each serving a different purpose. Discord is used to exchange information and hold discussions, with different channels allowing us to keep information clearly organized; LINE is used for instant communication as it’s more straightforward and easier to see messages; Notion is used to record all tasks and schedule work; Zoom is used for hosting meetings. All information is kept as transparent as possible. This is an important part of our operating system called "Team of Teams (ToTs),” which we adopted after encountering some challenges and slow progress in the beginning of our planning. While it took some time to adapt to this new system, the changes brought were clearly felt.

With democracy being the core of IDEC, we also try our best to embody this spirit in our operations, creating an open, respectful, and comfortable environment to work. Everyone gathers to discuss the core vision and direction of this IDEC event and come to a consensus on how we can execute it together. We also resolve tensions in a healthy manner, always respecting everyone's opinions and boundaries. We hope to also manifest these values in this year’s IDEC event, bringing everyone together to create a loving atmosphere and provide inspiration for a better future. Things may not be perfect, and we may face challenges, needing to make adjustments to our once ideal vision, but our core values are the same. If we continue moving forward together, we are sure to create something just as amazing, or even better!

Our team has bravely taken on the mission of continuing to pass down the spirit, values, and actions of the 30 years of IDEC. It has not been easy, with many ups and downs along the way, but we strongly believe that with the support of everyone, we can create an enriching event filled with compassion, empathy and understanding, allowing everyone to feel the warmth of the IDEC Family.


Let’s bring this vision of IDEC2024 to life! Diversity creates us!

為什麼我們要在臺灣舉辦教育世界博覽會?—— 來自 IDEC 2024 執行長楊逸頎的話

嗨大家好,我是IDEC 2024 執行長楊逸頎,今天想和大家分享,努力了將近十年,最後成功在2024年,將國際教育年會IDEC帶回台灣,並舉辦教育世界博覽會背後的原由。

✦ IDEC的重要性與意義

IDEC 的全名為 International Democratic Education Conference,直譯為中文,很多人會稱其為國際民主教育年會/論壇,作為一個已持續運行三十年的國際活動,它象徵著一種理念、文化價值與傳承。 然而在中文譯名上,經過多次討論與再思索,我們最後決定不直接翻譯成「民主教育」。這是由於,就連在歷年的年會辦理中,參與者們仍持續討論其定義,比起一種特定的教育模組,我們相信它更接近一種「教育民主化」的理念倡議。 於此同時,在臺灣這塊土地上,「民主」一詞的出現,容易聯想到政治權力和人權議題,雖然這確實是 Democratic Education 裡涵蓋的範疇,但我們相信其內涵遠遠不僅於此。就如同歷屆參與者所說:「民主教育的基礎是尊重、包容和愛 」、「民主教育要讓人成為真正完整的人、成為自己,同時關注獨立的個體如何生活在群體之中,創造一個社群共同體」。 我們看到台灣有許多人和組織正在實踐 Democratic Education 的精神,但他們可能不直接使用「民主教育」這個詞,而是用「自主學習」、「另類教育」或「實驗教育」,我們只是在不同的領域和社群中,用各自擅長的方式和工具來實踐。為了不讓中文直譯侷限了人們對IDEC的想像,因此,我們改而採用「教育世界博覽會」作為這次活動的中文名,希望更多人可以一同參與對話與討論。

✦ 將多元視野引進臺灣,將臺灣推向世界

我們相信教育的核心是愛、尊重與多元,當我們能夠平等地看待每一份獨特,能夠關懷與我們理念各異的人們,才能使這個社會有正向的循環。 在IDEC上認識世界各地的人們,相信著同樣的理念價值,同時也因為擁有不同的文化背景與歷史脈絡,所以用著獨特的方法來創造屬於他們的教育方式,因此我們把這群人帶來臺灣,讓更多人可以相互對話、共同學習,看見教育還有什麼不一樣的可能。 在將新的教育視野引入臺灣的同時,我們也想向世界介紹臺灣。 今年,剛好是臺灣教育改革的三十週年,臺灣因為教育民主化,在法規上有許多先進的舉措,讓民間與個人得以辦學、自學,使得臺灣的實驗教育百花齊放,公立教育也創發出各式教育創新實踐,還有很多不以學校型態出現,卻也實踐著教育本質理念的社會團體,作為臺灣的教育工作者,我們為此感到驕傲。 這場教育世界博覽會,作為一個多元教育匯聚的平台,能夠帶領國內外的人們相互交流與認識,促進更多元豐富的火花。並真誠的相信,透過人與人之間的交流與對話,我們正在共同構建一個更理想的教育與社會模樣。

✦ 歷史的交匯之際,共創教育創新的里程碑

1989年,聯合國通過《兒童權利公約》,確立兒童的主體性,每個孩子的獨特與存在都有其價值,且具有表達想法的權利。五年後,IDEC 創立、臺灣教改運動開始。 2024年的今天,在這個歷史交匯之際,我們能夠在臺灣這樣一個民主國家,和世界各國的人一起討論各式多元與獨特的教育價值與模式,一起探索:如何賦予學習者探索的權利?如何與和他人共創和諧共生之道……,我們相信這件事的意義與價值遠超過於我們個人,同時,我們也希望留給下一代充滿盼望的未來。 因此,我誠摯邀請各位,無論您是單純對教育的可能性充滿好奇,或是作為實驗教育工作者,又或是公私立學校老師,還是希望與更多人交換想法,抑或是正在學習旅途上的家長和學習者……,不限於任何一種教育型態,只要你願意,我們相信這場教育盛宴一定會帶給你意想不到的收穫與啟發,歡迎你和我們一起來共創歷史、見證教育創新的重大里程碑。

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