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  • Opening: Thirty Years of Educational Reform, A New Chapter in Sustainable Democracy

  • Open Collaboration and the Spirit of Open Government

  • Democratic Education 2.0: From Schools to the World

  • How Seoul Established Its First Public Democratic School

  • The Democratic University: Liberating Knowledge, Empowering People

  • A Century Later: Progressivism and the Summerhill School

  • The Educational Mission in Times of Conflict

  • Practicing Educational Equality Through Generational Change

Opening the City for Education:

"School Beyond the Windows" was a concept proposed by pioneers of educational reform in Taiwan thirty years ago. Today, more and more educational and social innovation organizations are putting this idea into practice. Utilizing every corner of communities and cities, Taiwan is becoming a "university without a roof." These practitioners will share the key factors for involving communities and cities in developing educational content. What impact does bringing educational content into communities have on the community and the city?

From Open Source to Common Good: Public-Private Collaboration:

"Public participation" is a vital pillar of contemporary democracy. It involves citizens passionate about public interest forming decentralized organizations to share public information and address governmental shortcomings promptly. Thanks to such mechanisms of public-private collaboration, every corner of society can achieve better governance. People increasingly feel that "citizens are the true owners of the state."

Passing the Baton to the New Generation of Educational Pioneers:

Every era has its educational pioneers who strive to break the mold and ground their ideals in reality. Thanks to the efforts of our predecessors, we continue to advance on the path of educational innovation, creating our own legendary era. Thirty years after the 410 educational reforms, what issues do the new generation of educational pioneers observe? What concerns them? How do they solve these problems? How do they define education and learning, our current era, and the challenges of the future?

Dive into diverse workshops, cultural exchanges, hands-on crafts, games, and fun. Join us in these open spaces, where ideas flow freely and creativity knows no bounds!

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