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Three main goals for IDEC2024

  1. "Constructing an Educational Ecosystem and Enhancing International Mobility."

  2. "Co-Creating Sustainable Education and Advancing Towards a Global Village."

  3. "Creating the Taiwanese Values: The World's Island of Educational Experimentation."


The 30th IDEC

30th Anniversary of Educational Reform in Taiwan


IDEC has left its mark across all five continents

Held annually in different countries

The next time it comes to Taiwan might be decades away


10,000 Participants

50+ Countries

50+ Speakers


Taiwan has been granted the right to host as a country

The first time in the Chinese-speaking world

The fifth Asian country to host

Welcome to IDEC2024: A feast of education, woven together by you.

This is not just a conference; this is a revolution in education.

At IDEC, we leave traditional educational frameworks behind and embark on a journey of exploration, mutual growth, and expanding our horizons for both our children and ourselves. This is an open space where you are free to speak out, host workshops, participate in activities, and join hands with global partners.

In IDEC, every participant is the protagonist of this grand event.

Forget the monotonous lectures and the competitive seminars. IDEC is a unique experience held in alternative schools, emphasizing equal human interaction, breaking down barriers of identity, and allowing every participant to interact and make friends freely.

Enthusiasts from all five continents interested in "Democracy, Sustainability, Education, and International Exchange" are welcome to join, regardless of age or background. We welcome all who are passionate about education to join this feast.

"How can one lead students to freedom without having experienced freedom themselves?"

Together with ageless friends from different cultures, through equal exchanges and sharing, this burden-free experience of freedom will open up new vistas beyond your existing "choices in education" and rekindle the excitement of being a "learner."

  • Are you eager to delve deeper into the mysteries of education?

  • Do you have valuable educational insights or a vision for the future of education?

  • Are you seeking alternative educational methods for yourself, your children, or the young people around you?

Join IDEC2024, and let's set off together to explore the infinite possibilities of education.


If you are an educator:

At IDEC2024, you can meet with educators from around the globe, redefine the true meaning of education, further explore your role in the field of education, share and learn together, and create unforgettable experiences.


If you are a parent:

At IDEC2024, you can explore new perspectives on your child's education with parenting experts. Immerse in nature, revive your earthly connection, and embark on a journey of rethinking education through profound dialogues.


If you are a student:

IDEC2024 is your stage to connect with the world. Experience various cultures, engage in exchanges, learn from one another, and broaden your future horizons.


If you are someone who cares about society and the world:

You will gain a deep understanding of the profound value of democratic education and its relevance to the global future. IDEC provides you with a platform to share and engage in in-depth discussions on the diverse aspects of education.

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