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About IDEC2024

IDEC is for all students, teachers, companions, workers, advocates, experts, scholars and entrepreneurs who are in the field of democratic education from around the world.

Any individuals or organizations interested in democratic education.

IDEC2024 aims to promote the sustainable development and progress of global education. Through the exchange and cooperation among international experts, scholars, the general public, educational organizations, and policymakers, it deepens the understanding of the diversity and innovation of education, thereby enhancing the quality and effectiveness of education in various countries.

At the same time, with the vision of "Island of World Educational Experiments," Taiwan will focus on the following issues: How to turn the challenges of multi-ethnic cultures into assets instead of burdens?
With Hong Kong falling under the control of the Chinese Communist Party and losing its freedom and independence, can Taiwan fill the gap left by Hong Kong as a hub in Greater China, Asia, and the world?
Facing the internal and external crises of global democratic systems, can Taiwan, as the "Beacon of Democracy in Asia," lead the global democratic transformation?
In the human crisis of economic, social, and environmental sustainability, how can we propose, lead, and practice a non-Western-centric vision based on Asian and Oceanian cultural genes, cultivation in Africa and South America, and friendly relations with democratic countries in Europe and America?

IDEC2024 will demonstrate Taiwan's important opportunity as the Beacon of Democracy in Asia through diverse, transnational, interdisciplinary, and intergenerational exchanges and dialogues, build Taiwan's educational ecosystem, highlight Taiwan's national values and contributions to the global education field, and further progress towards the "Island of World Educational Experiments."

Five Key Topics and Highlights

Sustainable Progress

Pioneering Innovations

Diversity and Inclusion

Rooted in Taiwan

Young Generation

The activities will be closely linked to the above five major themes.

 Building Bridges to Diversity : A Festival of Education and Sustainable Future.

The importance of IDEC 2024
For Taiwan:

  1. "Bringing the IDEC community to Taiwan to engage with local educators."

  2. "As part of the global network, Taiwan can respond to and contribute more positively to education and sustainability issues."

The importance of IDEC 2024
For the World:

  1. "Sharing the history of Taiwan's education reform."

  2. "Showcasing the variety and diversity of Taiwan's experimental and alternative education."

  3. "Highlighting Taiwan as a case study: combining education with social work."

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