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​Taiwan Democratic Education Community

Initiated by Heather Yang and Bryan Chu at the end of 2018, the concept of the "Democratic Education Reading Group" was proposed. It is hoped that the Democratic Education Reading Group will serve as a starting point to lay the foundation for the Taiwan Democratic Education Community, abbreviated as TDEC.

Vision and Blueprint

Bringing together people who share a common belief, spirit, and values in democratic education. We aim to establish a platform for resource sharing and promoting dialogue, spreading the concept of "democratic education" into everyone's life. We believe that "democratic education" is a spirit, a way of life. Currently, most democratic education exists in the form of schools, but we believe it can transcend the school framework. It's not just for those who want to be teachers or work in schools, but for anyone passionate about this belief to discuss together. In the future, there won't only be "democratic schools" but also companies, organizations, or families imbued with the "spirit of democratic education." We hope that everyone can truly understand what freedom and democracy are, find their value in society, practice the true meaning of freedom and democracy, and form a well-interacting society. We also hope that we can all work together for the harmony and prosperity of Taiwanese society.

About Democratic Education

About IDECs

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